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Sustainability by design.

Industrial Energy Services, Inc. (IES) is one of the nations leading providers of energy efficient lighting products and services for Retail, Logistics, Commercial, and Industrial facilities.

To date, our clients are saving in excess of $40MM annually in energy costs from the replacement or retrofit of existing equipment.

100 MIL ft2+

We have surveyed, designed, installed, commissioned, and serviced energy efficient products in 100,000,000 ft2 of facility space.


We have completed more than 9,500 replacement or retrofit projects for our clients nationwide.


Since our inception, we have successfully completed projects for over 150 Retail, Industrial, and Warehouse Distribution clients.

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Efficiency Delivered

As the ESP marketplace matures, further cost pressures will be placed on service providers to lower costs.  The overlying strategy of IES to become the originator of product and installation labor for this market is a fundamental game changer for those Companies looking to perform large scale ESP’s.

Access to our LED Products while eliminating the costs of representation and distribution of other manufacturers permits IES to service the marketplace and our clients at unprecedented levels of value.  We have found that our projects can yield a 15% – 20% cost savings over the selection of other service providers.

The results? 9,500+ completed projects coast to coast, saving our customers $40MM in energy costs annually.

A wide range of energy saving solutions.

For Commercial or Industrial clients seeking energy efficient lighting to access ESPs.
New & Retrofit LED Solutions
Interior & Exterior LED Lighting
Networked Lighting Controls
LED Display Case Lighting
In-house or manufacturer specific product solutions

The Illumadyne Advantage

Propriety In-House Technology
Our vertically integrated in-house technology group called Illumadyne serves several key functions for IES clients:

1) Designs and manufactures energy efficient LED Retrofit Kits for existing lighting fixtures.

2) Designs and manufactures energy efficient new energy efficient LED lighting fixtures.

3) Develops products for emerging markets in the energy savings sector.
Sustainability by Design
Energy efficient lighting & sustainable design have proven to be a powerful combination when approaching the industrial market. Proper design may increase lighting quality, increase employee productivity, decrease future maintenance and enhance environmental responsibility; all while saving over fifty percent (50%) on your lighting energy costs.

Let Illumadyne, Inc. help your company put more “green” to the bottom line.
Ready to Scale
Whether you operate in one state or thirty, Illumadyne's custom fixtures are built to scale to your particular needs. As part of our IES promise, we're straightforward with our capabilities and pricing and can handle any problem you're currently facing.
1 - 15 Projects
16 -30 Projects
31 - 45 Projects
46+ Projects
1 - 30 Projects
31 - 60 Projects
61 - 90 Projects
91+ Projects
1-5 Projects
6 - 15 Projects
16 - 25 Projects
26+ Projects
1 - 5 Projects
6 - 15 Projects
16 - 25 Projects
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10+ Projects
1 - 10 Projects
11 - 30 Projects
31 - 45 Projects
45+ Projects
1 - 5 Projects
6 - 10 Projects
11 - 15 Projects
15+ Projects
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2 - 4 Projects
5 - 13 Projects
14+ Projects
IES mobilizes all installation crews and equipment from a single location in Pensacola, FL.

We have worked with Industrial Energy Services (IES) on multiple projects and custom solution needs since 2018.

Ed Moore
Food Lion
Manager - Energy