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We’re straightforward with our abilities and pricing, and will work with you to help achieve your lighting goals.

The IES National Advantage

Industrial Energy Services, Inc. is dedicated to a unique operational structure which improves our competitiveness executing Energy Saving Programs (ESP’s) and is well positioned to capture a large percentage of the growing market demand for energy efficiency.
Turn-Key Solutions
IES has developed a unique business model to provide sales, design, installation, incentive management, project management and service with in-house resources or manufacturer specific lighting product solutions.
Vertically Integrated
IES is vertically integrated to support the ESP marketplace with an in-house technology group called Illumadyne.
Consistent Results
IES mobilizes all installation crews from a single location.  We also manage all human and equipment assets from this single location.  This has proven to offer greater control and flexibility in the execution of an ESP thus delivering a higher degree of efficiency with improved customer satisfaction.

David Fetter

Responsible for leading an accomplished team which is unparalleled in its ability and desire to deliver exceptional results for our clients.

Dear Customer,

Hello all and welcome!

What can we say about 2020, certainly little good, right?   Well perhaps not completely true, at least not for Industrial Energy Services and not for me, David Fetter, the President of Industrial Energy Services, Inc.  As a specialized lighting contractor servicing large swaths of the country, my company and employees have been fortunate to serve many clients with an essential status, which has permitted our livelihood and purpose to sustain.  

Despite the challenges presented this year I am exceedingly proud to be a Founder and President of Industrial Energy Services, Inc. and am steadfast that I serve with an accomplished team which is unparalleled in its ability and desire to deliver exceptional results for our clients.

Since the founding of the company in 2005, Bill Wunnenberg and I have fostered these basics to derive success.

  1. Don’t Boast, Don’t Brag, Just Do.
  2. Know - Be an expert at everything in our field and always share our vast knowledgebase with clients.
  3. No Mistakes - Despite the unforeseen, never surprise your clients and never charge them for your mistakes when they happen.
  4. Be Loyal to your customers and your employees.
  5. Invest in the future to make sure you have one!

Having been in business since 2005 and having completed projects at more than 10,000 locations throughout the country, I can say that we have few peers.

Recently, we have embarked on a path to broaden the appeal of the company, resulting from the company’s digital presence.   To ensure that all employees evoke the greatest benefit for our future clients, I developed a Q & A to ease their response and ensure it was more heartfelt.  Initially I thought this was a simple task if not simply synonymous with their job.  Oh contraire, I was wrong! To encourage them forward I am providing my response to the questions posed.

Role and Identity- “My name is David Fetter and I am the President of IES”

Brief Bio- Kirby Salesman, Movie Projectionist, Lighting Salesman, Navy EM, Lighting Efficiency Design, Sales and Product Development (27 years), Father, Grandfather.

Description of responsibilities and deeper explanation of how your role interacts with the customer and how you influence success and client satisfaction - President (Boss). Bottom Line, if we screw up, I need to fix it and pay for it, so I do my best to make sure that doesn’t happen.  I continually work behind the scenes to ensure that our management team and field leaders are consistently delivering results to the high standards that we demand for our clients.  I also work with our HR and travel team to ensure that our field staff are getting the tools and support that they need to do their job well and in a safe manner.  The best way to maintain schedules and good client relations is to have a well-trained team which enjoys their job representing us.    

What do you enjoy most in your role? 

  • Being the “Go To’ for the client and making sure that they are getting more than they thought.
  • Setting a standard for future leaders and employees.
  • Developing product and execution strategies for difficult projects. 

What sets IES apart from other Companies in our market? 

  • Value
  • Diligence
  • Competency
  • Owners, Employees, History, Experience 

Fifteen years is a long time and not something to be diminished, forgotten, or lost.  Both Bill and I have deep roots in this industry and leverage decades of experience in being prime contractors for the lighting industry.  Through the fulfillment of our promises to our clients and continuing to perfect the basics of what makes us successful, I am certain that IES will be here for another fifteen.  

We welcome your job: small, large, or impossible.  We will make your experience a journey you will not forget.

David Fetter

Bill Wunnenberg

Vice President, CFO
Responsible for the financial health of IES and maintaining the company's electrical licenses across many states.

Dear Customer,

Hello and thank you for taking the time to look deeper into our company. I am one of the founders of the IES. My story starts working as an electrician out of high school. In 1996 I became a licensed electrical contractor completing all kinds of large commercial projects. 

In the mid-90s the utility companies started to recognize they had a problem keeping pace with the growing demand for electricity and instituted some of the first utility rebates. Very lucrative rebates! Recognizing the opportunity, I started working on regional lighting efficiency projects which were funded by the utility programs. Some of our customers had a national presence and in 1998 I started my first national lighting company servicing locations across the United States. In 2001 I joined forces with David Fetter and together we started a new lighting company. The IES of today is the result of that partnership. 

As one of the owners of IES my official title is CFO, but my role is a little more in-depth than that of a typically CFO. With my electrical experience it is my responsibility to carry and maintain the company’s electrical licenses across multiple states. It is also my pleasure to be responsible for certain major accounts. This is a huge responsibility and honor for me.  I completely understand that our customer’s complete satisfaction is the single most important objective we can attain for them. For instance, one of those customers, for which I did one of my first lighting projects in the mid-90s, continues to be a customer of IES today. I am proud to say that we have multiple national companies that will only use IES for their lighting projects. 

Our commitment to customer satisfaction, as well as our competitive prices and quality installations completed by our own full-time employees makes it an easy decision for them. I guess this is as good a time as any to mention we also own a lighting manufacturing company! Together, this makes our companies unique. We do everything in house with our own employees - audit, design, manufacturing, and installation. Not only does this keep us fully in control of 100% of the projects, what we do helps us easily repeat this process many times over for any customer that has a large national footprint, even if each facility is completely different. 

What I like most about our company is the amazing team of professionals we have assembled. Every employee with their own unique talents. Together, all of us are working to achieve the highest possible standards for our customers’ completed projects.  

If you would like to find out more about us feel free to contact me. I thoroughly enjoy speaking about what we have accomplished, and more importantly, how we can help you reach your lighting and energy efficiency goals.

Bill Wunnenberg

Ken Dubreuil

Senior Program Manager
Responsible for overseeing the national rollouts of major accounts.

Dear Customer,


I am the Senior Program Manager here at Industrial Energy Services, Inc. I started with IES in October 2008 working on the Washington Mutual branch banks retrofit project in California (re-lamp and ballast).  From there, I began working with the Walmart team and managed both the relamp and new fixture upgrades till 2014. Along the way I have managed the Reyes, Food Lion, Kroger, Weis Markets Whole Foods, Pepsi and Pactiv national projects. Currently I manage our Costco national installations (both interior and exterior) which I have done since 2016.

I have served in many different project management roles for both the US government and the private sector. I retired from the US Air force in August 1999 with 24 years of service, then worked for Lockheed Martin and DS2 (Defense Support Services) for 9 years at Eglin AFB FL. 

I most enjoy interacting with our customers from the start of the project to the finish.  We are somewhat unique in the lighting retrofit services industry in that we self-perform most all of our work. The majority of our competitors use local subcontractors – interjecting another layer of profit margin and further disconnecting the customer. Because we have built the company around having our own employee crews, we are able to maintain a much closer relationship with our customers. We also can provide our own “American Made”, custom lighting equipment through our Illumadyne division.

I most enjoy the positive comments I receive from the customers about the new lighting equipment and our installation crews. It is a great feeling knowing we can provide the level of services that our customers continually demand with a great group of employees. The IES team is a fantastic group that has worked tirelessly to form a single, cohesive unit focused on being the best in the industry. 

I look forward to working with each new customer on their lighting projects. If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know.

Ken Dubreuil

Mike Hicks

Senior Program Manager
Responsible for serving our valued customers and delivering the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Dear Customer,

As a Senior Program Manager here at Industrial Energy Services, Inc. I work directly with our employee crews across the United States to manage the many turnkey lighting installations we are awarded by our customers. I started with IES in 2010 as an installer working on several projects for our largest national clients.

In January of 2018 I was promoted to Program Manager, and most recently in June of 2021 to Senior Program Manager. The experience I gained working as an field installer in the early days of the company was invaluable to now helping our remote crews successfully complete large numbers of installation projects each year.

Watching this company grew from a small, home-grown outfit to a large, national lighting contractor has been almost unbelievable, but we have risen to the challenge each and every year. We’ve certainly had our growing pains, but the IES team has always focused on providing the highest level of service for our customers – and if you do that, you will succeed.

Lighting projects take a high level of coordination between the logistics of material, supplies, and labor. Through those challenges the team has evolved into a close-knit group of friends that have no problem communicating or getting something taken care of 24/7, no matter where the project is located. Yes, we’ve even worked across the big waters in Guam and Puerto Rico!

I most enjoy working with our exceptional employees and helping them to succeed. That is really what keeps me focused. But that effort ultimately leads us together toward our common goal of serving our customers at the highest levels!

I look forward to working on your lighting projects. If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know.

Mike Hicks

Sam Strickland, LC

Vice President, Sales
Responsible for engaging with customers seeking service and product providers to assist their sustainability journey.

Dear Customer,

Hello, and welcome!

As Vice President, Sales, I engage with clients seeking service and product providers to assist in their sustainability journey. As we all embark on this path of creating a cleaner more environmentally friendly facility base, the partnerships we form will be instrumental to the future success of energy efficiency.

As a Lighting Certified (LC) Professional with over 32 years in the electrical and lighting industry, and  more than 25 years specifically in the energy efficient lighting sector, am no stranger to the challenges of developing and implementing a successful lighting strategy for both retrofit and new construction applications. My experience has taken me across the United States, Germany, Mexico, and most of South America and has provided me the opportunity to work in many types of facilities, lighting applications, and with an astute list of incredible facility and energy mangers. My ultimate focus over these many years has been, and will continue to be, developing and implementing solutions which focus on lighting for the human experience and energy efficiency.

By bringing together this vast array of experiences and lighting technology expertise, I strive to deliver measurable results for both retrofit and new lighting installations. From the initial audit, I am involved in every facet of the solution process – analyzing existing systems and lighting conditions, modeling proposed lighting systems, and finally preparing and presenting the economic/financial analysis and environmental benefits. My primary intent is to deliver the best solution as defined by both the customer CTQ’s and currently accepted lighting standards.

Without a doubt, my favorite part of this position is working directly with those persons intimately involved in the delivery of quality lighting for the ultimate end-user – the employee associates and customers of the companies with which we engage. LED lighting technology, in combination with advanced control systems, offer the user much improved lighting quality and user preference with very high efficiency. Having the opportunity to directly affect the daily “lit” environment for so many is incredibly humbling.

IES is uniquely capable of providing best-in-class performance for many facility managers, particularly those with multi-regional and national footprints. By self-performing the installation work, we mobilize one of the most well trained, most responsible workforces in the lighting industry. While others utilize sub-contractors, we continue to prove that our employees are the most capable in performing multi-site rollout programs across the United States. This has been and will continue to be a large part of the success the company has seen over the past 15 years of service. 

We look forward to engaging with new customers and proving our ability to provide both quality service and products by which to maximize both energy reductions and installations with high quality, efficient light.

Sam Strickland, LC

Chanda Fetter

General Manager
Responsible for developing sustainable processes and procedures to serve our clients coast to coast.

Dear Customer,

Hello, and welcome!

As the General Manager for Industrial Energy Services, Inc. I am responsible for managing the parts and pieces that make our company run smoothly. That’s just my way of saying I that I wear a few hats around here - from HR and payroll, to helping our awesome crews get to where they need to be to accomplish the many projects which our customers entrust us to complete – from coast to coast! 

I started with the company in 2007, helping with the many items a small, growing company works through as they develop the necessary processes and standards. Working in just about every aspect of the business helped me quickly learn needs of the business, and then translate those “needs” into sustainable processes and procedures to help the company become efficient and effective. 

We grew rapidly, but we were always focused on making sure the customer was completely satisfied with our product and services. I believe this is how we have continued to grow repeat business from our largest customers.

Our team is the best in the business.  I have not witnessed another company like ours that cares so deeply about their customers. We all know that customer service is paramount to our existence, and our continued growth. Our company is all hands on deck - all the time!

I look forward to assisting our team to provide the highest levels of service.  Please let me know how I can assist!

Chanda Fetter

Andrina Goetz

Incentive Manager
Responsible for managing our customer's utility incentives for lighting projects, ensuring our customers get the maximum incentive.

Dear Customer,

Hello, and welcome!

As the Incentive Manager for Industrial Energy Services, Inc. I am responsible for managing our customer’s utility incentives for lighting projects, from initial application, pre-approval, verification, and final incentive payment.

Over the years, I have established relationships with most of the utility incentive programs across the USA. With this knowledge and direct relationships, I can help most every customer identify and capture utility incentives for their projects. I enjoy working with the many different utilities and helping our customers get the maximum incentives!

I started with the company in March of 2013 as an assistant to one of our lead project managers. My responsibilities in that position lead me to understand the intricate requirements of a national lighting program – from material and personnel logistics, to helping a customer capture all the available incentives for multiple locations. The task can be daunting as not all utilities share the same incentive platform or process!

The team we have assembled here at IES is fantastic, which really is the secret to our success. Over the years, we have worked with quite a few very large national companies and continue to be highly favored with them when it comes to implementing lighting projects at their locations. We take a TEAM approach, from installer to project manager and even management, to continue to keep our customers completely satisfied with our services, and products.

I look forward to assisting our new and existing customers capitalize on the highest incentives available for their lighting projects across the nation. Please let me know how I can assist!

Andrina Goetz

Sherri Wunnenberg

Senior Office Administrator
Responsible for the daily administration of the IES team and business support.

Dear Customer,

As Senior Office Administrator I am responsible for a few tasks that keep the wheels turning and the gears going in this awesome lighting company. I was originally hired in January of 2019 to manage the company’s growing payroll activities. (Payroll is one of those critical behind the scenes necessities that allow us to keep some of the best lighting technicians in the industry)!

Along the way, my position has morphed into much more than I had thought possible. Every day is a new opportunity to serve this team so we can best serve our customers. I have really enjoyed learning new things about the company, our customers, lighting, and the IES family. But more than anything, I love being able to help ease the burden of our team members as we continue to grow and serve a larger client base.

It still amazes me that two men with a common dream could build this amazing company that strives not only to build a successful business, but truly care for their employees, customers, and the community in a way that transcends the typical “business”. They truly have created a family business! And together Bill and David continue to improve the company. Better products, better processes, improved effectiveness and efficiencies, and the employment of those who can understand and share the same goals.

This team is confident in its ability to be the best in the industry and strive every day to make our customers 100% satisfied. I am excited to see what the future holds and glad to be a part of it! Let us show you our company and earn your business!

Sherri Wunnenberg

Steve Henry

National Accounts Executive
Responsible for engaging with customers seeking service and product providers to assist their energy efficiency journey.

Dear Customer,

Hello, and welcome to IES!


Employed as National Accounts Executive, I am responsible for engaging with new customers seeking service and product providers to assist with their sustainability projects to help decrease their companies carbon footprint.


The lighting industry has exposed the challenges of developing and implementing successful lighting strategies for retrofit and new construction applications. My focus is developing and implementing solutions that create an optimal lighting experience as well as energy efficiency.

I work with clients to find and deliver the best results for retrofit and new lighting installations.  My main objective is to deliver the finest possible lighting solution for our customers and present a complete financial analysis and environmental benefits summary.


IES is uniquely capable of providing the best performance for many facility managers.  By self-performing the installation work, we mobilize one of the most well trained, most responsible workforces in the lighting industry.


I look forward to engaging with new customers and proving our ability to provide both quality service and products by which to maximize both energy reductions and installations with high quality, efficient lighting.

Steve Henry

What we do well

Our History

Since our inception, Industrial Energy Services has partnered with our clients to provide multi-year assistance.

A move towards being truly "Made in America"

With the purchase and restoration of the historical Coca-Cola building in Pensacola, Industrial Energy Services has expanded. Even through our growth, we will continue to offer the same customer-centric approach on every project.

As of March 2022, this historic Pensacola building now houses IES National and sister technology company, Illumadyne, increasing the capacity of both businesses to deliver a truly "Made in America" turn-key lighting solution.

Forming a unique operational structure.

With an emphasis on commercial and industrial facilities, IES has developed a unique business
model which is vertically integrated to provide sales, design, manufacturing, installation, incentive management, project management and service with all in-house resources.

Combining a unique model with an in-house technology group called Illumadyne, IES has been able avoid external manufacturing, sub-contractors, and a reliance on regional offices. The result?
The capacity and experience to execute an ESP 
with a higher degree of efficiency and
customer satisfaction.

Focused on results from day one.

In the mid-90's, utility companies were having difficulties keeping up with the demand for electricity. As a response to the need for efficient lighting solutions at a regional level, David Fetter and Bill Wunnenberg formed Industrial Energy Services, Inc. in 2001.

Combining their years of experience in the industry, David and Bill laid the groundwork for that would later save 150+ industrial and commercial clients $40mm annually in energy costs.

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