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Delivering Energy Savings at scale to the most recognized name in retail!
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Year of the First Project


Our initial work for Walmart began in 2005 as a 3rd party inspector conducting audits confirming the work completed by another contractor. These inspections took place in Walmart's regional DC’s as well as the Supercenters.

After a year of performing these inspections we discovered significant and repeated code violations and scope deficiencies. The inability of the contractor to cure these deficiencies resulted in their contract termination and our manifestation as a contractor for Walmart to complete many of the lingering locations had not completed by the incumbent contractor.

The Challenge

The IES team was able to identify an inherent liability with the current supplier and deliver an alternative path with improved results and maintained economies of scale.

Without our contribution, Walmart would have burdened extensive future costs for remediation and the individual Walmart project managers would have been professionally affected without our commitment to resolve the problem.

The Result

Walmart has a vast array of service suppliers available to them. They continue to do business with IES because the ownership and employees of IES are committed to a relationship which results in consistent costs, value, service levels, and an inherent flexibility to conjoin our interests as one.

These reasons underscore the desire of Walmart to continue to work with IES - resulting from a collaboration which derives the highest standards of competency and raw ability to perform.