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Consistency and seamless delivery of services enable this national customer to do more with less!
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Our business relationship with Costco began in 2009, performing installations of LED display case lighting systems in retail refrigeration cases.  In 2012 we expanded our service offering to include the installation of high efficiency motors in refrigeration equipment throughout multiple stores.  In 2017, IES completed the first installation of LED lighting fixtures with networked lighting controls and in 2018 expanded its service offerings to include the installation of exterior LED lighting equipment.

The Challenge

LED lighting was an emerging technology when IES started working with Costco.  We were fortunate to have gained significant experience with our earlier Walmart LED reach-in project and leveraged that experience to receive an opportunity to work with Costco on their very first projects.  Our successful completion of these projects and our price competitiveness led to our completing nearly 300 locations over a 6-year period.

The Result

As with most of our clients, we were able to resolve the complex challenges of installing new technology and demonstrate our ability to handle a far-reaching program across a large territory with a cohesive team and management platform which produced measurable results.

Simply put, the IES team makes Costco's lighting initiatives easy to execute while saving money and time.  The program's success is derived from consistency and seamless delivery of our services. We work hand-in-hand with the Costco team and manage all aspects including auditing, design assistance with their engineers, scheduling, material tracking, store communications, utility incentives, inspection of work and recycle.  The resulting level of collaboration permits Costco to embark on large projects with minimal internal project management staff while continuing to pursue future initiatives with the confidence of knowing the execution is in capable hands.