Welcome To IES

Industrial Energy Services, Inc. (IES) is one of the nations leading providers of energy efficient lighting products and services for Commercial and Industrial facilities.  With an emphasis on commercial and industrial facilities, IES has developed a unique business model which is vertically integrated to provide sales, design, manufacturing, installation, incentive management, project management and service with all in-house resources.

As a leading energy services provider we have had the opportunity to survey, design, install, commission and service energy efficient products for clients in over 80,000,000 ft2 of facility space.  To date our clients are saving in excess of $30MM annually in energy costs from the replacement or retrofit of existing equipment.  Providing services which encompass a wide range of energy saving products, including; Interior & Exterior LED Lighting, Networked Lighting Controls, LED Display Case Lighting and High Efficiency Motors, IES is equipped with broad application knowledge and field experience to make energy savings initiatives a reality across a large segment of the energy savings industry.

IES is vertically integrated to support the ESP marketplace with an in-house technology group called Illumadyne.  This business unit performs several functions for the Company; 1) designs and manufactures energy efficient LED Retrofit Kits for existing lighting fixtures, 2) design and manufactures new energy efficient LED lighting fixtures, and 3) develops products for emerging markets in the energy savings sector.

Who Is IES?

From inception, the company’s vision has been to become a Turn-Key provider of Green and Sustainable programs for National Retailers and Industrial Clients.

In pursuit of this vision we are always seeking new products and technologies which meet our clients hurdle rates and evolve our installation services and skill sets so that we can retain client relationships and continue revenue streams from the same client for years after our initial sale.

As the ESP marketplace matures, further cost pressures will be placed on service providers to lower costs.  The overlying strategy of IES to become the originator of product and installation labor for this market is a fundamental game changer for those Companies looking to perform large scale ESP’s.

Access to our LED Products while eliminating the costs of representation and distribution of other manufacturers permits IES to service the marketplace and our clients at unprecedented levels of value.  We have found that our projects can yield a 15% – 20% cost savings over the selection of other service providers.

IES is dedicated to a unique operational structure which improves our competitiveness for executing Energy Saving Programs (ESP’s) and is well positioned to capture a large percentage of the growing market demand for ESP’s. 

Specifically, IES mobilizes all installation crews from a single location.  We also manage all human and equipment assets from this single location.  This proves to offer greater control and flexibility in the execution of an ESP thus delivering a higher degree of efficiency with improved customer satisfaction. 

We have found that this model offers favorable results to our clients over that which is provided by some of our largest competitors.  These larger competitors are structured with multiple regional offices and stranded assets which are challenged to deliver a cohesive national ESP where these regional offices try to assimilate a single point of contact for the client.  In many cases we have found that our larger competitors are not invited to participate in National programs as a result of their need to draw on regional offices and even sub-contractors.

Our Happy Customers